Thailand, biking beaches to borders

Being based in Bangsaphan yields plenty of opportunity to get off the beaten tracks and tourist trails and explore miles of empty beaches, hidden temples, rustic villages and border markets and outposts. There is no better way to do this than on two wheels.

The Burmese border is less than 20 kilometers away from the coast in places and there are countless tracks leading to it. Crossing at the time of writing (2012) is not possible for foreigners but we remain hopeful with all of the recent reform going ahead in Burma.

The two official border check-points in the area are Dansingkhon near Prachuabkirikhan and Ranong further south. Dansingkhon has a large weekend market and is a bustling little place, foreigners can get visa extensions at the local immigration office but cannot cross at the current time, though rumours have been circulating about it opening up soon.

Ranong is a major town where you can cross, it was my departure point for the Mergui Archipelago trip.

The highlights though are the hundreds of bays, empty beaches, islands, friendly local towns, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mystic temples and fantastic riding that can be found in this region of Thailand.

Photos have been compiled over a couple of years, many road trips, and include areas around Bangsaphan, Ban Krut, Bang Berd, Chumphon, Ranong, and Prachuabkirikhan.