Thailand, fishing and camping

It was time we ventured out on a little camping and fishing expedition to seek out untouched waters in search of the elusive wild snakehead (Pla Chon). We spent two nights in the jungle in the Bangsaphan area at a lake formed in an old quarry. With permission to use the land we cleared a swim and space to pitch the tents.

Estimated at over ten meters deep in parts, the lake was now teeming with life above and below the surface. Egrets, Kingfishers, and Flycatchers all frequently spotted during the day. Coconuts were plentiful so we chopped a few up for drinks and food and with no power we needed kerosene lamps for light as the sun dropped low. As darkness fell fire was lit and the lake came alive with fireflies flitting in and out of foliage.

After hours of fishing one of the floats eventually went on a run and we had something on. Not a ‘river monster’ but to catch a snakehead in the wild on a float rig was a great experience, we were all in high spirits. As the temperature dropped an eerie mist swirled across the surface of the water, it was time to turn in.

After a restless night we awoke at the crack of dawn – it was cold, very cold! I needed a call of nature and when in the woods you have to make like a bear … no bathroom comforts out here, just a shovel and a bucket of lake water.

We decided to take a scout around the lake to look for more fishing spots. This is when we discovered where the local poachers were setting traps. Crude rigs made from plastic bottles, 40lb line and large hooks were found, they’re essentially left there to snare snakeheads that will be stuck on the line for days. We pulled them all out and they went on the fire.

The lake was quiet tonight with an unearthly stillness to it. We left the rods overnight but still those wild fish remained elusive, catching them in a relatively pristine lake is not easy.

Fishing aside it was fantastic to be out there in the wild amongst nature; no electric, no running water, no phone signals, no wifi, no poxy Facebook … marvellous!