Korea: Busan Part 2

The weather looked pretty dire this morning but the forecast was for it to clear by 11am. Since our original plan was scuppered by non-functioning Korean websites, we decided on Busan’s third main beach – Haeundae Beach – instead which was a short bus ride away.

The beach was pristine, just like Gwangali, but the tower blocks were taller and it seemed more commercial with shiny facades and all the big brand names. We walked to the end of the beach into the local fishing village which was much more down to earth with fishermen trying to sell us live octopus.

This was also where the hi-sos went to show off their cars, I lost count of the number of Porsches. In Japan, vehicles are smaller and selected for practicality, in South Korea everyone drives the largest glitziest executive saloons they can get their hands on as they appear a lot more ostentatious than their neighbours.  Korean drivers are also very similar to Thais – me first, and the traffic is just as bad.

We returned to our beach in the late afternoon and took a walk along the waterfront in the cool evening air to take in the ambiance and lights.

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