Korea: Busan Part 1

From Gamcheon it was another bus to Songdo Beach for a ride on the ‘Busan Air Cruise’ cable car. Just like in Japan, there is no dual pricing in Korea and attractions are cheaper to enter than Thailand with this ride costing just 13,000 won. The sky ride gave us stunning views of the city and its bridges and beaches.

Our bus back would pass Biff Square, Busan’s popular street food market and we were both hungry. There was plenty of weird and wonderful food to sample such as tteokbokki and mandu (stir-fried rice cakes in sauce and Korean dumplings) and beef pancakes.

Our bus ride back across the city took over an hour due to the heavy traffic during rush hour. Busan’s rail network is limited so we relied mostly on busses to get about the sprawling city. However, Google Maps again posed problems. South Korea has strict laws and security policies when it comes to mapping data and it has not allowed Google access to its country’s map so it can’t provide accurate data – we found out the hard way with the app ‘guessing’ instead. Naver Maps is what is used here but it was mostly in the local language so not much use to us.

We tried to book tickets for tomorrow’s day out on a coastal railway but were stumped again as the website would not allow us to pay with our card. Booking things online for this trip has been a nightmare and virtually impossible aside from flights and hotels on Agoda (which has been a pain for other reasons).

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