Japan: Osaka Part 2

Day thirteen

Our final day in Japan was dedicated to shopping so we headed over to the Don Qui supermarket to get lost in the warren of tiny aisles where everything from designer handbags to four-litre bottles of whisky to wasabi paste was for sale. We were looking for some spirits to take back since airport duty-free is a rip-off, and liquor in Japan is a third of the price compared to Thailand.

We also loaded up on Japanese curry pastes, spices, and chocolates which were also considerably cheaper. After lunch, we headed back to Dotonbori to visit the giant electronics stores in search of a decent power bank, a memory card for the new camera, and other bits that we could claim our tourist tax discount on.

Then it was over to the riverfront to test drive the Z50 as the afternoon turned into evening along the bustling promenades. We fancied some Ramen for our final meal but the queues were over an hour at the popular places so we jumped on the subway back to Ebisucho to find a restaurant out of the tourist trap for our final meal in the country.

I will miss Japan, its stunning natural beauty, courteous people, superb food, refreshing efficiency, and general quirkiness, but the road beckoned and we had another country to sample, this road trip wasn’t over yet.

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