After almost six months travelling through Thailand and Malaysia, Singapore came as a bit of a shock to the system. Orderly, regulated, clean, efficient, somewhat characterless … and very expensive – it didn’t feel like Asia at all. The only thing reminding me that I was still in the tropics was the stifling heat intensified by the concrete jungle, Singapore is only 130 kolometers from the equator.

Accommodation was very pricey hence my room was so small that the bed barely fit and I could touch both walls if I stood in the middle of it. Needless to say I didn’t spend too long here browse around hereofficial statement, after a walk down the Orchard Road, a cruise around the quayside, and a wander round the botanical gardens I wanted to get back into Asia, good street food, cheap beer, and the laid back beach life I’d rapidly grown accustomed to.

My ticket out was a bus to the causeway, crossing to Johor Bahru and another bus to Kuala Lumpur where I would get a train to take me back up to Thailand.

Unfortunately all of my photos were shot with a Pentax MZ-50 film flavoured SLR and the 14 year old negatives did not convert so well so apologies for the quality.