Korea: Busan, Gamcheon

The first objective of the day was to secure tickets for the bullet train (KTX) to Seoul in a couple of days. However, we were bamboozled by technology yet again with the Korea Rail website telling us everything was full when we tried to book online. As we did in Japan, we headed to Busan Central Station to speak with a nice human who sold us two seats on the KTX to Seoul for around 60,000 won (approx. 1,600 baht) each.

With onward transport secured, we took a bus to the Gamcheon Culture Village. This is a very picturesque hillside township that resembles the South American pueblos pintorescos with its multi-colored houses, tiny alleyways, steep staircases, and wall murals. However, it was very touristy so we ventured off the main walking route into the heart of the labyrinthine community to get lost among the clusters of vibrant houses and shops.

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