Camping North Thailand – Phu Langka

From here it was a drive west out of Nan province and into Phayao province to the picturesque Phu Langka viewpoint. This is another spot that has become wildly popular with Thai weekend warriors and hi-sos so there was a lot of pricey accommodation up on the mountain. The reason for the popularity is the ‘talay mork’ [ทะเลหมอก] or ‘sea fog’ that shrouds the plateau in the mornings during winter. But first, we had some field fires and a glorious sunset. 

As if on cue, a gaggle of screaming roosters woke us up before sunrise but just as well they did as the view of the morning mist and fabled fog across the valley was spectacular. 

By 9am it was starting to get hot so it was time to break camp for the last time, have a coffee at one of the many viewpoint cafes, and drive down the mountain to Phayao town for some Khao Soy.

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