Camping North Thailand – Sapun

This was when the trip started to get interesting with a drive on the now famous 1081 mountain road to Sapun, a quaint mountain town also growing in popularity after featuring on Thai TV and social media. 

The road, which was pristine and would have been awesome on a motorcycle, had several designated areas for selfie-snapping Thais and we took our time driving it taking in the scenery. Before heading to camp, we visited the Sapun waterfall which was free to enter (for now).

This tiny town gets rammed at the long weekends but by Sunday evening, the warriors had cleared out and we had the campsite to ourselves again. There was a lot of construction going on and some very expensive accommodation (nothing under 2,000 baht) aimed at the Thai hi-sos.

The picturesque valley formed the border with Laos at the ridge of the 2,000-meter high mountain range and we enjoyed the view and hoped it wouldn’t rain. 

A cacophony of screeching roosters at 5am meant an early start so we broke camp after a coffee and headed across the mountain range to the next campsite. The even twistier 1256 mountain road crested at the 1715 meter Phu Kha viewpoint but it was shrouded by low clouds so not much of a view.

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