Japan: Osaka Part 1

Day twelve

Today we were heading one stop up the subway line to the Korobon Ichiba Market, Osaka’s famous seafood market. Every kind of aquatic lifeform imaginable from puffer fish to seaweed was on display here for consumption. We started with something safe, Kobe and Wagyu beef which we could select and the chef would cook for us.

Then it was on to oysters, octopus, eel, and finally the prehistoric-looking king crab and Japanese spider crab which can grow as large as 18 kilos. These things are not cheap and one leg alone cost 4,000 yen which we had barbequed.

The highlight of this culinary cruise from the depths of the ocean was the fresh sushi. We could select a cut of tuna which the chef would prepare for us as sushi (on rice) or sashimi (filleted tuna). We selected a prime cut costing 6,900 yen and it tasted divine.

The exotic seafood adventure wasn’t cheap as it was very touristy, but not something one does every day and when in Japan which is world famous for seafood you have to try these things!

From there it was a short walk to Dotonburi, Osaka’s thriving riverside neighbourhood with its swanky cafes, tourist shops, tax-free stores, and all manner of restaurants.

Naturally, this place was a throng of activity with crowds of people dwarfing those on Tokyo’s crazy crossing. We had to pay attention not to lose each other in the thrumming sea of humanity all jostling to get ahead or secure a selfie spot. Crowds are not my thing so we headed along the river to find a seat away from the pack of people most of whom were intent on photographing the iconic Glico sign for reasons unknown to me.

By 5pm it had started to get dark and the lights and advertising billboards were beginning to illuminate providing more great photo opportunities.

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