Camping North Thailand – Nan

We only had one night at the ‘Rai Pah Suk’ campsite due to the lack of food and power (we’d assumed there would be something going on at this otherwise popular spot) and drove down to visit the Sao Din Na Noi paleolithic rock formations the next morning. 

After a night near Wiang Sa at a resort in the rice paddies, we headed into Nan town. Nan has a very Chinese feel and is much more touristy than Uttaradit or Phrae, hence there were more places actually open. It also has more temples than I’ve ever seen in a Thai town, one on pretty much every corner, and some were very impressive. 

Nan also has a good night market and walking street with live music at the weekends but this Friday night it was raining so we grabbed some food and headed back to the hotel (which was in a soi full of screeching roosters). 

Today involved a shopping trip to stock up on camping supplies before we headed back to the walking street and night market to chow down on unhealthy food (deep fried or full sugar), which 90% of it was! 


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